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Astro Panel and Cloe Panel are the perfect plugin for landscape, astrophotography and retouch photography in Adobe Photoshop. Whether you are a professional or a beginner it doesn't matter because will always guide you to the perfect results.

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Customer Review

Thanks to Astro Panel my astronomical photos have finally taken life. You save hours of processing and Angelo is really very helpful and kind. The price is really insignificant for all that the Panel is able to do and is constantly updated. A real plug-in for astrophotography created by a lover of astrophotography.

Alessandro Micco

Customer Review

Astropanel is easy to use, the kindness of the producers to help and advise how to best use the program is first-rate. They always respond quickly. Recommended!

Angelo Davorio

Customer Review

Astropanel is the only panel so far with an excellent value for money. It manages to pull out all the signal from the photos while reducing digital noise. I have never seen a panel and an AstroPanel service. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Andrea Consuele

Customer Review

Here is an example of before and after using the automatic function with a single click! What can I say ... all too easy 

Alberto Ghizzi Panizza

Customer Review

Installed last night and gave me crazy results! Imagine when I learned to use it entirely!

Andrea Facco

Fstoppers Review

Astro Panel is a great time-saver for the experienced imager and a really great buy for the less experienced. The automatic color balancing and light pollution tools are truly one click and work really well. At the current exchange rate, and with a sale running, Astro Panel is €49.90. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Astro Panel to any Photoshop user wanting to speed up their workflow.

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