How to Photograph Night Sky

The Real ebook of Night Landscape Photography written by Angelo Perrone with over 10 years of experience.

Available now, the new ebook will reveal all the secrets to mastering the technique of night landscape photography.

The book consisting of over 260 pages available in PDF format and printed on request.

What will you learn by reading the book?

The Technique

You will learn to use your digital camera completely manually, managing the focus in every situation, managing the light and how to capture it in your photographs.

Multiple Exposures

Master advanced methods of photographing the sky and merging multiple shots to create your perfect photo.


In this ebook you will learn all the secrets to planning your photo: how to avoid rain or fog and when is the right time to go by predicting the movements of the sun, moon and other events.

Astro Tracker

For beginners, handling a star-tracker is a difficult task to perform. Through the eBook you will discover how to easily locate the North Star and the tricks, apps and accessories to aim your star locator accurately and quickly.

Post Production

The book describes several post production techniques using Adobe Photoshop and Astro Panel software. You will learn how to post produce the Milky Way, Deep Sky and Startrail.

Astronomy Pills

The book describes notions of astronomy to learn how to recognize the winter and summer starry sky.

Over 250 pages content

1 The Photographic Technique
1.1 The Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) - Mirrorless
1.1.1 How a DLSR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) is built
1.1.2 Manual Exposure
1.1.3 Manual Mode
1.1.4 Exposure Times and Diaphragm
1.1.5 The ISO Value
1.1.6 White Balance
1.1.7 Exposure in Live View
1.1.8 Focus
1.1.9 Hyperfocal
1.1.10 The photographic composition

1.2 Digital noise
1.2.1 What is Digital Noise
1.2.2 Techniques to eliminate it

1.3 Choosing the right optics
1.3.1 The best focal length
1.3.2 Chromatic Aberrations
1.3.3 Vignetting
1.3.4 The Coma Effect
1.3.5 Diffraction

1.4 How to shoot in Astrophotography
1.4.1 Single Shot and the 300 Rule
1.4.2 We use the Astro Tracker
1.4.3 Stacking with Dark, Bias e Flat Frames
1.4.4 Multiple Exposure
1.4.5 HDR Astrophotography
1.4.6 Startrail
1.4.7 Panorama Photos

2 Shooting Planning
2.1.1 Camera Accessories
2.1.2 Astrophotography Filters
2.1.3 Clothing and Accessories
2.1.4 Light Pollution
2.1.5 Land Maps and Software for Smartphones and PCs
2.1.6 Astronomical Seeing and Weather

3 Postproduction
3.1 Known Astro Panel 5
3.1.1 Installation
3.1.2 The Panel
3.1.3 The Landscape / Pro Section
3.1.4 The Astro Section
3.1.5 Export / Masks Section
3.1.6 The Fusion Section

3.2 Stacking of images in Astro Panel
3.2.1 Tutorial Merge (Silk, Focus Stacking, HDR, Night HDR, Mean Stack)
3.2.2 Stacking Startrail
3.2.3 Stacking Astronomical Images and HDR
3.2.4 Stacking Deep Sky Channel

3.3 Workflow images in Adobe Photoshop with Astro Panel
3.3.1 Single Shot Processing
3.3.2 Dual Exposure Processing
3.3.3 Deep Sky Processing
3.3.4 Startrail Processing
3.3.5 Remove Light Pollution
3.3.6 How to Merge Panorama Photos

4 Astronomy Pills
4.1 We learn to recognize Heaven

4.1.1 The Boreal Sky
4.1.2 The Southern Sky
4.1.3 The Northern and Southern Lights
4.1.4 The eclipse of the Sun and Moon
4.1.5 The Solar System
4.1.6 Astronomical Glossary

5 Bibliography and Conclusions

Before and After

These are some before and after examples you will find in the book.

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