Astro Panel HD Overlays Night Skies Pack

With this bundle you can improve your photo retouching and create incredible photos fast and easy. Do you have a huge number of ideas, but you can't implement them during the photo shoot? Don't worry! Thanks to our overlays you can easily create your own photos. This bundle will help you manage various elements in the simplest way, even the ones you never imagined.

Our overlays are in JPEG and PNG format. To make the best use of them you will need to overlay one of these overlays on the layer above your photo. By choosing the PNG format, you get overlays with transparent borders and they can be added directly to your photo. If you have selected the JPEG format, you will need to use the blend mode.

Overlays Effects

Over 40+ HD Overlays

Our overlays: Perfection, Quality and Balance.
Our Overlays adapt to all types of landscape photographs making it alive with color, contrast, light effects and skies.

The Bundle includes:

9 Overlays

Milky way
16 Overlays

5 Overlays

9 Overlays