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Cloe Retouch Panel


What are the benefits?

Less time to selection

Dramatically speeds up post production by selecting and tracing every point of the face, avoiding you lose hours in manual selection.

More Precision

Having selections already made you can work on every single point of the face avoiding creating artifacts on the skin.

Selection with a click

Each point automatically selected by the algorithm is totally customizable as it creates track points.

Advanced Features

Innovative Skin Treatment

The advanced features of Cloe are able to work with any type of skin with perfect and spectacular results.

Amazing Details

Cloe's advanced sharpening features know no boundaries! Get incredible details with just one click.

Incredible Results

You always get perfect results, if you are an expert or a beginner it doesn't matter, Cloe will always give results beyond your expectations.

The Evolution of Retouching Photography

Smart Functions

The main functions of Cloe have been designed for photo retouching the face, such as frequency separation, automatic removal of defects, intelligent selection of the main points of the face and much more.
The functions present in Cloe are unique, original and advanced.

Modern, Easy, Fast

After installing Cloe one of the strengths you will notice is its design. Cloe is technologically advanced and futuristic that every command is just a click away with minimal and clean graphics.

More time for other photos

Usually photographer takes 4 to 72 working hours on a single photo. With Cloe, you will be able to reduce the time spent by at least 90%.
Expected frequency separation time: 2.3 sec.
Estimated time for automatic face selection: 1,5 sec.
Estimated time for brightness masks: 3 sec.
Estimated time to remove defects: 0.9 sec.

English Video Tutorials

Spanish Video Tutorials

Italian Video Tutorials


Adobe Photoshop CC

Cloe was created to work 100% in Adobe Photoshop CC. Before purchasing make sure you have a CC compatible version from 2015 to 2020.

Astro Panel Partner

Cloe has many features in common with Astro Panel and if you are familiar with this product, using Cloe will be very easy.