Landscape Photography: Techniques and Secrets

The Ebook of Landscape Photography written by our team with over 10 years of experience.

Available now, the new ebook will reveal all the secrets to mastering the technique of landscape photography.

The book consisting of over 200 pages will initially be available in PDF format and printed on request.

What will you learn by reading the book?

Manage the Technique

You will learn to use your digital camera completely manually, managing the focus in every situation, managing the light and how to capture it in your photographs.


In this ebook you will learn all the secrets to planning your photo.

Post Production

The book describes several post production techniques using Adobe Photoshop and Astro Panel Pro software. You will learn how to post produce Landscape and Panorama Photos.

Over 200 Pages content

1 - The photographic technique
- The digital single lens reflex (DSLR) - Mirrorless
- How a DLSR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) is built
- Manual exposure
- Manual mode
- Exposure and aperture times
- The ISO value
- White balance
- Live View Exposure
- Focus
- Hyperfocal

2 - Shooting planning
- Camera accessories
- Filters for Landscape photography
- Clothing and accessories
- Weather observation

3 - Photography techniques
- The rule of thirds
- Golden Rule
- Blending
- Perspective Blending
- Overview
- Focus Stacking
- Sunset / Sunrise
- Blue Hour

4 - Post Production
- The basics In Camera Raw
- Luminosity masks
- Color masks
- Treat the sky (Luminance, color, variation)
- Luminance
- Dodge & Burn
- Enhance Lights and Shadows
- Recreate lights
- Create three-dimensional photos
- Orton effect
- Sharpness
- Web scaling

5 - Bibliography and Conclusions

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